All Skins are beautiful


No reward without risk

Risk is an inseparable companion to reward, a sentiment deeply ingrained in the Californian ethos, so much so that it requires no explicit mention.

When Christophe embarked on the unconventional journey of splitting traditional ties in half and wearing them beneath his shirt, the response surpassed his expectations. The overwhelmingly positive feedback often echoed the refrain, 'You might just have something there.'

With a track record of launching successful ventures in both France and California, Christophe's SkinTie brand naturally evolved. "I'm a firm believer in serendipity, and this product feels like it has found its rightful time and place."

California, a melting pot of diverse gender identities, presented an ideal backdrop for disrupting conventional neckwear like the tie and cravat. The necktie, steeped in a history of male fashion, has long symbolized masculinity. When women embrace traditional ties, myriad associations follow.

SkinTie transcends gender boundaries, offering a universal accessory with a blank canvas — unburdened by history, free to embody any expression.

Christophe envisions SkinTie as a distinctive unisex statement reflecting an individual's personality and style.

Hailing from France and raised in Africa's Pointe-Noire, Christophe has witnessed firsthand the challenges faced by people worldwide. In support of his parents' charity aiding vulnerable children in the Congo, 3% of SkinTie's sales revenue contributes to Les Amis de l'Ecole Spéciale de Brazzaville.

The long-term plan incorporates personalization, a testament to SkinTie's commitment to individual expression.

Ironically, Christophe's motto, "Untie your life," carries a paradox. This accessory, symbolizing the various threads of his life story, ties them together seamlessly. As Silicon Valley venture capitalists attest, a startup's success often hinges on its indispensability to its creator.

SkinTie emerges as a fusion of Christophe's passions for fashion, art, business, and philanthropy.

It embodies the unique collaboration between California and France, giving rise to La Bohême Chic, a lifestyle brand focused on high-end loungewear, beachwear, and boudoir.

Pioneering an eco-responsible bohemian-chic fashion movement, inspired by life under the tropics, SkinTie and La Bohème Chic redefine clothing as an expression of ultra-comfort, softness, and style.

Together, SKINTIE and LA BOHEME CHIC create a distinctive experience of soft elegance blended with flair, class, and innovation.

Christophe Schuhmann, a French-American, transplanted from Bordeaux to California 24 years ago.