What is a SkinTie?

Designed and crafted with extreme care and flare, using the best silks and incorporating other soft fabrics like satin, taffeta, or even jewelry, each SkinTie, at least at the beginning, will be "made in France" and imported to the United States. It is a unique experience of soft elegance. It is meaningful in a way, to break codes and give a fun and joyful alternative to the boring, conventional, outdated traditional tie tied around your collar and pinching your neck. You can wear a SkinTie for any occasions at work, cocktails and soirees, or even when practicing sports like golf, tennis, polo, sailing ... SkinTie is already offering a custom made corporate option for high-end restaurants, hair salons, fashion boutiques, airlines...

SkinTie lawyers are currently defining the basis for a licensing contract to allow any recognized fashion brand to design and sell SkinTies of their own.
3% of all profits and licensing fees will fund non-profit programs.